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Important Questions to Answer

It's really easy to say, "I want to have my own business" but, it's not as simple at that.  It's also really easy to say, I know my purpose and my passion. Do you?  Your purpose is the reason you go on this journey, and your passion is what keeps you motivated along the way.

Here are the two questions:

  1. What’s Your Passion (Business Idea)?

  2. Will someone be willing to pay for it? (Build & Grow Your Business)

If you're lacking some clarity . . . not a problem. This program will help you answer those questions.


Experience Business Ownership

From Passion to Profit is an online program that can be completed in one week that leads to our Social Enterprise.

Maybe you have a passion for something that requires you to work with your hands - making soap, developing body scrubs, painting or refurbishing furniture - and you want to learn how to start a business around your passion.

Maybe you already have a "side hustle" and you're doing quite well but, you realize you need some basic business knowledge to help you expand and truly start an enterprise.

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Experience A Mind-Set Shift

Build Your Own Blueprint

 This program is a 5-week, online course that is a blueprint for helping women turn their passion into profit.  The program's curriculum, especially the initial module, is grounded in the research and findings of Dr. Carol Dwerk's fixed vs. growth mindset theories and strategies.  

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Helping The Community


One Step at a Time


Reinforcing our Commitment

We stand ready to walk this journey with you!  Starting something new is always a bit scary but, it's time to take a leap!  Most entrepreneurs don't know where to start when first setting their ideas in motion. You might be thinking that you're not an expert or people might think you're crazy.  Maybe you don't believe in yourself or are afraid of not being believed in.  Those are all valid but, you are capable of success.  In fact, you deserve it!

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