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Partnerships: Combining Experiences

For Greater Impact!

We partner with organizations to bring a unique experience to their existing programs. While you're already doing a fabulous job, it's always a good thing to partner to greater impact!

We bring something 'new' to the table with our entrepreneurial track!  Using our from Passion to Profit online course, coupled with a hands-on workshop that involves actually refurbishing and/or upcycling a piece of furniture, your participants won't even realize that they have (1) created an actual business plan that they can build upon whether it's flipping furniture or some other business venture and (2) discovered an untapped passion that can literally change the trajectory of life.

Added Value

The first module of our online course is devoted to mindset theories and strategies outlined in Dr. Carol Dwerk's work in the area of fixed vs. growth mindset .  Many of her principals are embedded throughout this program and/or have been re-designed.  This is an important component, not just in business but, in life.  Self-discovery has so many great benefits especially for the person who is looking for clarity; the person whose ready to remove the stumbling blocks from their life; the person who is ready to survive, thrive & GROW!! 

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