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4 Tips for Staying Motivated in Today’s World

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

At some point, everyone experiences setbacks while working towards their goals. These days, the world looks, feels, and moves differently than we’re all used to. Even so, certain adjustments to our daily routine can make an incredible difference to how we approach each and every day, despite uncertainties we face. Here’s some pointers for keeping your purpose in motion, no matter what the circumstances.

  1. Set small goals daily - With everything going on in the world, it’s become harder to focus on our personal goals and growth. Overcome this obstacle by setting a small, intentional goal for yourself daily. After each day of accomplishing a manageable goal, you will feel more motivated and find yourself closer to achieving your large-scale intentions. Stick with it!

  2. Create a schedule - Consistency has always been key. It takes time and patience to break old habits that are preventing you from reaching your full potential. Make a daily routine that gets you out of bed early and ensures time to work on your goals, yet gives you space for reflection, relaxation, and time doing things you love. Be kind to yourself and work towards achieving a balanced schedule, allowing yourself to nurture both your purpose and your mind.

  3. Check in with your friends - Social distancing doesn’t mean the end of socializing. While you check in with your friends online, ask them about how they’ve been handling these times. Sharing moments with your loved ones is bound to ease stress on both ends, and you might even learn a motivational tip or two!

  4. Reframe your setbacks - The prospect of working from home or trying to find work in a pandemic may have felt like a massive blow to your momentum and growth. Reframing changes in your life, like working from home, will bring positivity and light to a foreign situation. For example, while staying home might seem like a drag, focus on the time you get to spend with loved ones and quality time with pets. Finding a silver lining in these times is crucial to staying positive and staying focused.



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