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Forward is Forward in Times of Stress

As a just graduated college student who also moved out within a couple months from moving back from college, as well as dealing with COVID-19, you could say there has been a bit of stress in my life. I found that the longer I didn't deal with my stress and just continued to shove it to the back of my brain, the worse the stress took a toll on me. Throughout the years I have learned how to manage my stress through many different ways, some more helpful than others. But when I was in these three weeks of high stress mode, suddenly all of the ways that I had adapted to cope with stress went out the window. 

The world seems extremely loud right now and a lot of us probably want to just curl up in bed to escape having to deal with so much. This is not the way to cope with your stress though. So here are a few tips to deal with these crazy times:

  1. Face your fears. This might sound like an odd thing, especially when you may think it might cause you stress. The truth is though, that a lot of times our fears aren't really so big. Many times, we stress ourselves out and overwhelm ourselves with the thoughts associated with our fears. So ask yourself, “What is causing this stress in my life right now?”. You might have to think long and hard, but a root cause of your stress will eventually dawn on you.

  2. React to fears. Many times women are afraid to let down their walls and truly have a reaction to their feelings. Many women feel as if they are not able to really feel the feelings they might be having. This results in us bottling up our emotions and shoving them down until one day, something sets us off and we pop. This isn’t a good way to deal with things. Allow yourself to FEEL the emotions you have, then move on. 

  3. Don't allow your emotions to control you. On the other side of women bottling up emotions, we sometimes carry out our feelings of sadness, regret, or embarrassment for far too long. So you didn’t get a job you really wanted. Allow yourself to FEEL sad, cry if you need to, but then move on and start job searching again. At the moment you start to feel any of the negative emotions, understand why they are there, accept them, and then move on. What happened is in the past so the best thing you can do now is to move forward.

These are just a few ways to cope with anxiety and feelings that I have learned over the years. You may not get them or remember them right away, but with time you should be a queen at accepting and reacting to your emotions! So take these tips, lift your head up, and as always, stay #purposebound.


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