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Pathways to The Perfect Major

They always say you change your major three times during college and finally find the career you enjoy. My personal experience included changing my major four times. Here are some ways to encourage yourself to find something you are passionate about!

Changing your major isn’t always a bad thing!

It’s totally okay to change your major! This means you are trying to find something that best suits you and trying to find something that is a perfect fit. Eventually you will find something that you truly love. Find something that sparks your interest in the long run!

Engage in exploration.

While you are in college, try to explore different majors. This could mean taking some classes in different areas of study and seeing what you like or don’t like. With the classes that interest you, see how that align to your chosen major or it might be an indication for a minor. This will help establish a game plan for a major that’s perfect for you!

Ask an advisor

You can set up an appointment with an advisor and discuss potential majors or your key interests. The advisor will help find a way to get to the path you want and the classwork that will go along with the major. This will help take out the majors that wouldn’t be a fit for you and your advisor will guide you in the right direction. It doesn’t hurt to ask someone for help!

Be Confident!

It can be hard to find a major that’s the right fit for you, but once you know you found it, it will help you in so many ways of your potential future. A major helps you determine what your interests are and find a career that will be something you will enjoy. Even if it’s hard at first finding a major, you will get there! Be confident in finding something that will spark your interests and give you something you love!

As always, stay #PurposeBound


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