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Staying #Purposebound

As many of us are aware of or have experienced ourselves, it has been an unusual time throughout the past few months. As a recent college graduate, this is never what I had expected my first year out of college to be like. I had planned to graduate, take the summer off to travel and rest, and then dive into the world of job searching. For many other recent graduates who had the same idea as me, we are shocked to find that this will not happen as effortlessly as we had planned. When this realization dawned on me, I suddenly felt fear, stress, and worry take over my life. For those of you who may be feeling the same, there are three main things that this pandemic has made me realize that will hopefully bring you comfort.

1. Life is on its own time frame

Although this may not be what we had imagined for ourselves out of college, it is what the world is giving us right now. There is no way to control the circumstances that we have been put into right now, so we might as well make the most of this time. You have to keep reminding yourself that everything will eventually work itself out and that you will be given the strength to get through the toughest of times. 

2. It's all about your mindset

In my previous mindset, I was upset that I couldn’t find a job and quickly became very discouraged. In my new mindset, I have realized that any work is good work. No, I may not have found a full time job yet, but I found an incredible internship to help me expand my skill set and add to my resume. Although I am not in the exact place I thought I would be when I graduated college, I have learned to lean into life, take what life gives me, and try to turn it into the best scenario.

3. Stay #purposebound, and don't give up

It can be really challenging throughout this time to get discouraged and eventually throw in the towel to trying to find a job. I, myself, have wanted to do this exact thing many times. If you can’t find that dream full time job you are hoping for, use this time as an opportunity to volunteer in your community, get an internship to continue gaining knowledge, or use it to rest and take a break from the hectic lives we all lead.

As long as we all stay #purposebound, we will thrive throughout this challenging time together.

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