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We also have a private Facebook Group - The Coaches Corner.  This is a page for those of you who have completed our Build Your Own Blueprint (BYOB) program.  Our coaches program you with what we call our CEU's (continuing education units).  You can get quick answers to your questions has to continue to strive for your goals! 

Building a Growth Mindset

Our Chief Possibility Officer share three tips for buiilding a growth mindset.

1-on-1 with Coach Rita

Rita is a member of our Coaches Corner - our private Facebook page.  Here she talks about waking up each day with joy and expectations.

Building a Growth Mindset Culture at Home

Our CEO interview KJ Walton, educator, illustrator and author from London!  KJ shares strategies/tips for growth mindsets for children.

1-on-1 with Coach Salathia!

Salathia is a member of our Coaches Corner - our private Facebook page.  Here she talks about your finances in the midst of a pandemic.