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Social Enterprising! 

Women are disproportionately burdened by poverty and social enterprise is a possible solution to unemployment and low income.  "Women’s chance of success increases when programs provide combinations of soft and hard skill training, followed by employment in an environment that simultaneously offers comprehensive support and income opportunities," says LaWanda Woods-Howard, Chief Possibility Officer.   

At PurposeBound, we believe in our invaluable approach to alleviating women’s unemployment, exclusion and poverty. 

We're creating social  impact by solving a problem through a market-driven approach!

Women who complete our online program successfully and complete with a limited business plan for their product or services have the opportunity to participate in our social enterprise where continued support is provided.

Through participation, women learn about business in retail in real time.  They acquire skills in inventory control, merchandising, budgeting & analysis, marketing/branding, social media advertising and more.

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