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The B.Y.O.B. Experience

The B.Y.O.B. course is a 5-week, online course that was created for two distinct groups of women in mind:

  1. Women who are looking for clarity in their lives and need strategies to remove stumbling blocks and require a roadmap to lead them towards their intended life goals; and 

  2. Black women and girls who live in housing communities and are facing the backlash of high eviction rates and gentrification. 


Prior to this course release, a focus group of women (and one smart male participant) who were of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds, volunteered their time to go through the course.  The outcomes confirmed our intent.


The course's curriculum is grounded in the research and findings of Dr. Carol Dwerk's fixed vs. growth mindset theories and strategies.  This course will change the trajectory of your life and every woman can benefit from it!

Individual Enrollment is Always Open

Next Cohort for Organizations Starts October 11, 2020

Due to COVID-19, the in-person component of this program is being conducted online. 

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Topics covered are below

Vision Mapping In Reverse

You're gonna need to put the kids down early all week to really grasp what we have for you in this session.  We're not sure how old you are but, in the words of Betty Wright, "some of you will have to go back a little bit further than other." You're gonna need your reflective lenses which we know, can be tough to look back.  It's necessary and we're with you all the way!

Productive Failure

Oh, how grateful we are that you've been through some stuff!  You can't be successful in this course without having experienced some problems, setbacks, disappointments and let-downs.  You need that stuff so we can show you how to use it for your good!

Your Hurrah Find!

You will finally know how gritty you are at the end of this session.  It's gonna take grit once you take control of actions and reactions to things that happen in life.  We always say, let the stuff from the past FUEL your future.  The FUEL is what's going to help you identify, foster and feed your passion!

Blueprint Foundations

Most of your work for this session will be completed in your BYOB workbook. Here, you will get the foundations using processes for reading a real blueprint, the connections will start to form.

Blueprint Creation

This is it, Boss Lady.  You're ready to build your blueprint.  You've unpacked a lot of stuff over the past weeks, now you're ready!  This do this!

Coaching Corner

We are grateful for our coaches!  At the completion of your course, you will receive a document to download that consists of our coaches and their contact information. They live everywhere from the U.S. and the U.K. and they are ready to give you more guidance as you began to take the journey on the blueprint you've just completed!

The Problem

Many leaders in workforce, business, education and government are seeking solutions to issues that plague our communities.  We believe that all entities are in agreement that we need programs and services that get people employed, stop domestic violence, reduce crime and incarcerations, homelessness, increase degree attainment and just have more productive citizens who get along.

Today's leaders, especially those in workforce development, are constantly struggling with finding and keeping talent in their workplaces. They've developed personal and organizational action plans for effective leadership building and training.  Employees have many opportunities to take classes to build upon and develop new skills.

Somewhere along the line, there has been a shift  -  a change - a change in values, thought processes, an irreversible 'way of knowing' because of our circumstances.

The Issues

We would venture to say that the issues to many of our societal woes occur because we're missing a STEP. We're missing a BRIDGE to move people from accepting and dealing with their life experiences and their continued struggles and daily attempts to survive.

Let's talk about those women who live in housing communities. In a study entitled, “We Don’t Live Outside, We Live in Here”: Neighborhood and Residential Mobility Decisions Among Low-Income Families conducted by Peter Rosenblatt of Loyola University Chicago and Stefanie DeLuca Johns,  Hopkins University, found that members in these communities chose not to do anything to improve their current situation because "they've developed a number of coping strategies and beliefs that made them confident" and comfortable where they current live.  They also face many barriers - to educational opportunities, child care and transportation.

In all of our attempts to move people into the workforce or embarked upon an educational pathway, we have not offered them actionable strategies to cultivate a growth mindset critical for long-term success.

Many women seek to validate themselves and their situation rather than taking the journey to develop themselves. These women live among us in our neighborhoods, schools, jobs, churches and the PTAs. They appear to have it all together, smiling when they're actually crying on the inside, not understanding what's holding them back from the successes they feel they deserve or want for themselves and their families.

There needs to be shift . . . .

A Solution

There is never one solution to any problem however, we believe that we can facilitate the process of mindset shifting.  We believe we can lead women into an upward spiral of continuing to develop, to reach higher levels of personal mastery and achievement. We believe the B.Y.O.B. course will produce more self-actualizing women to have more peak experiences, improved relationships and greater productivity in their lives.

"I discovered the emotional states of my mind that have kept me reliving my past instead of making the move to advance forward and forgive myself."

Dr. AC Johnson

Focus Group Member

"I have gone through the BYOB course and I really enjoyed it and feel it will really help women pursue their passions because it provides those tools they need to plan for and reach their goals."

J. DiMattio

Focus Group Member

“The Build Your Own Blueprint course is wonderful! Our residents at Blue Ridge Estates enjoyed the program. We look forward to working with PurposeBound Women’s Build Your Own Blueprint course for future groups at our facility.”

C.  Odysanya

Housing Coordinator

“I really liked this course because Mrs. Woods-Howard made all the lessons fun and I could relate to everything.”

J. Trent
Course Participant

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