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The Shift in Mindset Starts Here

 This program is a 5-week, online course that is a blueprint for helping women turn their passion into profit.  The program's curriculum, especially the initial module, is grounded in the research and findings of Dr. Carol Dwerk's fixed vs. growth mindset theories and strategies.  

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Participants should be prepared to: 

Give 3 - 5 hours of your time per week for each module.

Complete each module throughout the week and be prepared to meet online once a week with the program facilitator and other women who are also enrolled in the program.

Do a lot of self-reflecting and be willing to make changes in your thought processes.

As a result of completing the entire program, participants will: 

Receive a certificate of completion.

Have the opportunity to join our Social Enterprise where you can actually sell your product to the general public!

In Pursuit Assessment

Module 1 focuses on assessing ones abilities and mindset to operate a success business.

Your Ideal Client

Module 2 focuses on identifying ones client and mapping out their client's journey.

The Outcome

There is never one solution to any problem however, we believe that we can facilitate growth and change through the process of mindset shifting.  We believe we can lead women into an upward spiral of continuing to develop, to reach higher levels of personal mastery and achievement. We believe this program will produce more self-actualizing women to have more peak experiences, improved relationships and greater productivity in their lives.

Budgeting & Inventory

Module 3 focuses on how to create and manage ones operational budget.

Setting Up Shop

Module 4 focuses on how to operate within the guidelines of the social entrepreneurial journey.

Marketing & Advertising

Module 5 focuses on branding, marketing and advertising ones products/services.


Participants work with the staff to move into their space and began selling their products/services.

What Other Participants Are Saying

Dr. A.C. Johnson

BETA Group

 I learned a life-changing concept: Reviewing my challenges and not trying to relive them. I realize that in my 17 years, this has kept me from moving forward.  I forgive myself.

C. Alvarez

Program Participant

 I know that all of my childhood trauma has allowed me to be more intuitive and listen to my gut. It has allowed me to be a better mother and teach my daughter things that I had to learn the hard way. I have also learned to be resourceful but also to help others to be resourceful in their journey to becoming their own hero.

S. Ponton

Program Participant

 I use to have a lot of negative beliefs about myself.  This course has help change my mindset from a victim mindset to a lion’s mindset. Now, I take the time to I look backwards and analyze the factors in my past that produced unwanted circumstances and I prepare in advance for them.

G. McDowell

 I did not have a really bad past but there are definitely some people, places and situations that I would only want to review and not re-live. I have also learned that while all things don't feel good, they will certainly work together for the good.



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